Date/Time Event
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Retirement Income Course – May 24, 2022
Stratford Public Library, Stratford CT

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Retirement Income Course – May 26, 2022
Stratford Public Library, Stratford CT

Baby Boomer Retirement Course – Retirement 101

A Complimentary Classroom Course Teaching the Foundations for a Sound Retirement


Recent academic research indicates that a fundamental shift in Retirement planning for the Baby Boomer Generation could be necessary. This course is a comprehensive personal finance course for those in the early stages of retirement or those about to retire. It will address some of the common tax pitfall today’s retiree faces. You will receive financial tools to help you better understand risk, taxes, and estate planning.

About Your Presenter

William Warner from Sentinel Asset Management is the instructor for this educational event. Using his vast knowledge of financial planning, he has designed this course to get you the information you need to properly prepare for your retirement.

  1. Income Planning
    • Social Security
      1. What you need to know about recent changes
      2. How to maximize benefits and when the deadlines are
      3. Picking the strategy that’s right for you
    • Pensions
      1. How to pick the option that’s right for you
      2. How to create a reliable income stream if you don’t have a pension
    • Efficient Withdrawal Strategies
      1. How to coordinate taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free investments
  2. Financial Concerns
    • The Market’s at All Time Highs; What Now?
    • How to Help Protect Your Profits from a Volatile Market
    • Preparing for Inflation and Taxes
    • Understanding the Differences Between Advisors
    • Running Out of Money and Strategies to Help
  3. Preparing for the Unexpected
    • How to Determine Your Worst Case Scenario: Survivorship Planning
    • Planning for Longevity
    • Health Care Planning
      1. Options for early retirees
      2. Medicare enrollment coverage and choices
      3. Planning for long term care and catastrophic illness
    • What Happens After You’re Gone
Why Now?
  1. The 6 basic traditional rules of thumb for retirement may no longer apply.
  2. Global market instability and record national debt necessitates action.
  3. Recent research indicates a different approach to retirement planning could be beneficial.
  4. You only get one shot at retirement. Make it count.
Who Should Attend?
  1. Individuals and couples between the ages of 54 and 74.
  2. Those concerned about our financial markets and future tax liabilities.
  3. Investors looking for new perspectives or ideas.
  4. Baby Boomers looking for guidance based on recent academic research. data.

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