Exclusive Advisory Board for Distinguished Clients

For our clients with over two million in assets with our firm we have created a special advisory board. The role of an advisory board is not to make decisions, but rather to provide current knowledge, critical thinking, and analysis to increase the confidence of our clients in choosing their path to a successful retirement.

Purpose and Vision

The Advisory Board offers a wealth of current knowledge, critical analysis, and innovative thinking to bolster your confidence as you forge the path to a prosperous retirement. Our goal is to ensure that every facet of your financial plan is scrutinized and optimized by the best minds in the industry.

Membership and Meetings

Upon selection for this elite group, your family will be integrated into our Advisory Board's 'Family Office' roster, marking a new chapter in your financial management experience. The Board convenes every Friday, dedicating these sessions to a thorough and collaborative review of each family's unique aspirations and requirements.

As a member, you will be assigned a primary contact within the Board while also enjoying scheduled access to the collective wisdom of all board members. This structure ensures a personalized yet comprehensive support network, always working in concert to advance your financial interests.

Expertise and Team Approach

Advisory board members are hand-selected and targeted for the expertise they can bring to the family office. Team approach is a model involving a team of professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills working together to ensure the highest probability of success. This approach is increasingly advocated by scholars and policy makers as a means of assuring quality of outcomes and satisfaction of implemented financial plans.

We champion a team-based approach, bringing together professionals with complementary skills and backgrounds. This model is celebrated for its effectiveness in enhancing the quality and satisfaction of financial outcomes. By leveraging collective expertise, we ensure that every strategy is robust, forward-thinking, and tailored to your distinct needs.